Saturday, August 30, 2008

Grandmother's Birthday

Yesterday night we all went to my uncle's house to celebrate my grandmother's birthday. I was late by the time I reached there already near 10pm and grandmother already cut the birthday cakes. Why I was late? Because I went for one photographic class, my mum only told me about the dinner on Thursday night which I already promised my friends that I will attend the class. Here are some photos I took with my little cousin sister and also my uncle's dog and of course grand mum as well.


Last Sunday morning I followed my dad for hiking, he told me it was only a very short distance hike. What actually make me to follow him for hiking? The waterfall, he told me the waterfall very nice and awesome and nowadays it is really very hard to find waterfall at Penang so I took my new camera followed him for the hike.

We started the hike before 8.00am by the time we finished the hike it was already near 12pm. Why the hike took us so long? It was actually very short distance but my dad bought us for jungle tracking (I think) used one track hike to 86 (half way up to Penang Hill) then came down to using another track to the waterfall. The waterfall actually is the reserve and treatment plant for PBA, it only open once a year for public and my dad used the illegal jungle track to go in. The weather didn't turn on my site it was actually raining and cover by dark cloud so the picture turn out no nice no sunlight.

Spice Market at Rasa Sayang Spa & Resort

Last Friday night one of my secondary school time friend Pei Fang's birthday so five of us went to Spice Market for seafood buffet to celebrate. Honestly the foods there are very yummy, delicious and a lot of varieties but very expensive. Five of us really enjoy ourselves sitting down there chit-chat have a laugh. Friends although we like to teased each others and "suan" each others but let's cheers up for friendship forever.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Canon EOS 450D

I cannot remember when was my last time taking photos using SLR camera. I have been thinking and thinking whether I should get one DSLR camera for many years, from the launching of EOS 350 until now EOS 450D.

I like and love photographic, used to be very crazy about it during high school time. I remember me and few of my friends always went for photos shooting, even during exam time we also don't care. During that time, we still student and using film camera, so every month our pocket money are all invested into films and photos developing. Last week, few of us went out for a small gathering dinner and I found out that my friends also recently went back to photographic again and one of them also using EOS 450D.

Before I decide to buy Canon EOS 450D I been surveying and asking around which one should I get for? Should I go for Canon or Nikkon? After much consideration and comparison, finally I went for Canon EOS 450D. Why I choose this camera? I am a big fan of Canon camera, from the 1st camera I owned Canon EOS 1000 and few of others Canon digital camera model for my family members , I found that the quality of Canon camera are very good and reliable and touch wood to said that it never let me encounter any big problem. I still have my 1st camera with me in good condition.

I been very busy lately so although the camera already sitting nicely at my room but I still have not time to go through the manual guide to figure out all the functions and etc. Yesterday night I finally have time to play around with the camera. The photos turn out not very nice, need to figure out all the functions and polish out my skills.


(Photos from Xin Huan Net)
Today is a very special day for all Chinese over the world not matter where you are, I believe that every single one of us are very proud of China to be the host for this year Olympic summer games. Tonight I believe the street will be much quiet although tonight is Friday night. Let us cheer and congratulate China for all the efforts and hard works that they put in to bring the greatest games to all of us over the world. Instead of Malaysia boleh I would like to said "CHINA BOLEH" :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I cannot remember when was my last time go inside kitchen and cook for my family, if I not mistaken should be last year after my mum operation. I have to admit that my mum is a very good cook so since after I came back from Australia I seldom cook. Last Sunday thanks to Ohbin, I finally tried out the 4321排骨, this dish really very simple, easy to cook and delicious and yummy to eat. My whole family gave it a thumb up just that the meat a bit hard, my mum suggested that I should boil the spare rib a little bit longer before I fry it. At first I very scare the meat didn't well cook but all are fine just a bit hard and my mum said a bit sweet although I already cut down the sugar because my dad cannot take too much sugar.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Neighbor's House Break In

Nowadays our society very unsafe and unsecured, everyday open up the newspapers also a lot of cases like snatch thief, break in and murder. Ohbin asked me where did I stay? I stayed at Penang Greenlane area, last time when my family first moved in, the whole neighborhood very quiet and not much cars passed by, nowadays 9 out of 10 peoples will tell you Greenlane everyday jam like hell and recently this housing area became very famous thanks to our lovely Chief Minister because his parent's house also at this area and he stayed there for few months before he moved into his official residence and I think you all also know what happen to his mum's dog last Sunday.

This quiet and peaceful housing area is not longer safe. Tuesday mid-night around 2 something my parent and my 3rd sister heard of peoples screaming, car horn and me sleeping like pig also heard of car speeding away like Formula 1 car racing. At first I also thought they heard of “砰砰” like what happen at Ohbin neighborhood but end up the true is I misinterpret their sentence. They heard peoples screaming said got gun, car horn sound and very loud car speeding away sound.

So yesterday whole day, we been guessing what happen until at night the neighbor behind my house came and told us the whole story. The owner of the house happens to be my dad childhood friend. According to him, Tuesday night only his son alone at home, about mid night 2 something his son heard of some noise so he wake up have a look and realise there are strangers inside the house so the son quickly locked himself inside the room and called the parent. This uncle and aunty don't know why so brave instead of calling police they quickly went home (not idea where are they at that time).

When they reached home they saw one car waiting outside the house (guess what car is that? is Hyundai Sonata with Johor number plate). The uncle said when they arrived the thief quickly came out from the house so the wife start to horn whiles the uncle came down from the car and chased the thieves. One thief is Indian run toward our house direction and another one run toward the car (I also a bit confused whether there is someone waiting inside the car or not) and half way chasing toward our house don't know what happen the uncle fall down and the Indian thief pull out his gun and pointed toward the uncle but luckily the thief never fire the gun. Then the partner quickly drove the car over and the Indian thief jump inside the car and speed away.

These were second time their house been broke in and toward yours surprise the house is facing the main road. The 1st time the thief climbed through the fencing and tried to unlock his car but fail so changed target. From his house jumped to next door and drove away the neighbor BMW. This time according to him, luckily they came back on time; the thief already took out the safe but didn't manage to take it. They took away laptop, DVD player and etc. I don't know when they make the Police report, he told us the police only came Wednesday morning. His house got CCTV and when they played back the CCTV, they saw the thieves straight away went upstairs to his bedroom without much delay so he suspect must be someone familiar with his house.

The uncle and aunty told us after this incident they plan to sales the house and moved to apartment and they also asked us to be more careful especially when we came back and open our auto gate. We also warned my maid to be more careful because she very forgetful always forgets to close the backdoor. She will let the door open widely and went to do her things.